The Official Auster 80th Anniversary Fly-In

at Middle Wallop, Hampshire



In association with the Museum of Army Flying and the Army Air Corps, is returning to Middle Wallop to celebrate another former AAC type; the venerable Taylorcraft Auster. Bigger and better than before, the event will span the weekend of 7-8 April 2018.

2018 marks the 80th anniversary of Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd, the builders of the iconic Auster air observation post (AOP) aircraft. A derivative of the Taylor (now Piper) Cub, more than 1,600 Austers were produced during WWII and the type’s success continued post-war with production of the AOP.9 ceasing in 1961.

The Auster is an important aircraft in the history of the Army Air Corps, it being the first aircraft operated by the force when established in 1957 when 651 Sqn and its Auster AOP.6s transferred from the RAF at Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. It remains one of only six fixed-wing aircraft types to have served with the AAC in its sixty-year history.

The type has had an illustrious career in military hands and to this day enjoys success as a very popular general aviation type, with 130 Auster aircraft still airworthy in the United Kingdom. Austers of various marks served with 24 air arms worldwide, as far afield as Australia and New Zealand and in the harshest environments; from the jungles of Burma to taking part in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1956/57.

We’ll be keeping the relaxed, informal atmosphere that helped make The Gazelle 50th Anniversary Commemorative Fly-In such a success; again, a period without aircraft movements will be scheduled, allowing for you to get a closer look at the aircraft in attendance and maybe even have a chin-wag with a pilot or two. A number of aviation, craft and charity stands and stalls will also be present.

Invites will soon be going out to Auster owners across Europe and, alongside Austers, we’ll also be welcoming other Air Observation Post aircraft to Middle Wallop, so expect Cubs, Super Cubs, Bird Dogs and a few other surprises!

Visit the official event website for more information on this event. Tickets on sale NOW!

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